Best Locations to try Virtual Reality in Leeds

What do you get if you combine a live adventure game with a trending technology? If its escape rooms and virtual reality that you get, then you are talking about VR escape rooms – one of the next big thing when it comes to matters related to real-world adventure gaming. Virtual reality is rapidly transforming the gaming industry.

But what are VR (Virtual Reality) escape rooms? Imagine that you and your team “locked” into a small room. But for VR escape rooms, there are no physical objects that you can find in the room other than chairs with the gameplay involving individuals working together for purposes of solving a problem and ultimately “escaping” in a virtual game environment.

As opposed to physical rooms that are filled with mathematical puzzles, hieroglyphs, and some medieval lock boxes, with VR, players get immersed into a make-believe world where communication, teamwork, and cooperation is present is necessary.

Virtual reality gaming is gaining ground across many places in the globe. In Leeds for instance, the growth of VR escape rooms is a booming business with the number of escape rooms growing by more than 598% within three years.

But where can you get to enjoy VR in Leeds? Which are the best spots to enjoy a VR experience in Leeds? If you happen to be in Leeds, here are the best spots where you are bound to enjoy an unforgettable VR experience.

Leeds City Museum

The Leeds City Museum provides VR escape room experience to enthusiasts of such in Leeds on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Launched on the 14th of April 2017, the Leeds City Museum has turned out to be the preferred spot of many VR escape room gaming enthusiasts in Leeds and the surrounding locations.

Are you a VR gaming enthusiast looking for such an experience in Leeds? By accessing the Leeds City Museum, you’ll get a chance to experience VR gaming such as Google Expeditions, a virtual reality gaming experience that works through joining players in immersive virtual trips all over the globe.

That’s not all. At the Leeds City Museum, you can also enjoy a ‘BBC Home – VR Spacewalk’: a 15-minute immersive VR experience that’s produced by a firm known as REWIND in collaboration with other bodies such as BBC Learning, BBC Digital, and BBC Science.

Since the Leeds City Museum began offering virtual reality gaming, a lot of VR enthusiasts have since flocked the museum hoping to get a chance to participate in such an experience. Thankfully, the Leeds City Museum has not failed them at all.

Are you a resident of Leeds or the surrounding areas? Are you a VR escape room enthusiast? Visit the Leeds City Museum for such an experience.

You can use the following Google map to get to this amazing place.

Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 3AD, UK

Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre

Are you a resident of Leeds? Are you a VR escape room enthusiast? If this is the case, then a visit to the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre promises to be a day full of fun. This facility got developed by Tick Tock Unlock with the intention of providing virtual reality gaming experience to enthusiasts living in Leeds and the surrounding locations.

At this centre, players get a chance to experience live action challenges that have to be physically completed. However, such games have to take place or be conducted in the context of a virtual world. The Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre offers residents of Leeds and the surrounding locations a real taste of virtual reality escape room experience.

To increase immersion, the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre features environmental effects and props coupled with VR imagery in a room filled with virtual reality enthusiasts. The company has plans to open up 10 more locations around Leeds even though the locations of all of them have not yet been specified.

Are you in the market for a VR escape room centre in Leeds that promises to be fun for you and your friends? Are you looking for a location where you will be challenged in a virtual environment or playground? Why don’t you try the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre? Here, expect to be treated with a variety of VR games that will leave you satisfied.

Here is your gateway to Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre.


27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT, UK

Merrion Centre

Leeds has got plenty of virtual reality centers with the Merrion Centre being one of them. Since its inception, the Merrion Centre has been proud to offer VR escape room enthusiasts virtual reality experience with users being transported into a wide variety of virtual worlds.

Some of the games that are on offer here include Job Simulator, Space Pirate Trainer, Tiltbrush, and Google Earth among others aimed at making their virtual experience worthwhile. Are you a resident of Leeds? Do you fancy virtual reality escape room gaming experience? If that’s the case, then the Merrion Centre is a spot that you need to consider.

From Monday all the way to Sunday, you will not miss a chance to enjoy a game of your choice at the Merrion Centre with a group of friends and get to enjoy some of the best virtual reality games inside an escape room.

Have you ever heard a chance to visit the Merion Centre lately? If not, this is a location filled by hundreds of virtual reality escape room enthusiasts on a daily basis with the hope of not only passing their time but being entertained.

In fact, the Merrion Centre is one of the best VR centers across Leeds and the surrounding locations frequented by VR enthusiasts on a daily basis.

A map to this place is;

The Great Escape Game Leeds

Often regarded as the ‘mother of all escape games,’ the Great Escape Game Leeds is one of the most visited virtual reality escape rooms across the city. Since its inception, The Great Escape Game Leeds has already won over the hearts of hundreds of virtual gaming enthusiasts in Leeds and the surrounding locations.

They have more than six rooms for you and your friends to play different varieties of virtual reality games, each of which do have some an interesting backstory. Here, you and your friends can venture into a secret mission, engage the devil at his own game or even head up to a rescue mission into some unknown territory. The choice is yours to make.

At The Great Escape Game Leeds, every virtual reality game that you and your friends choose to play is ranked by difficulty, so you have the chance of beginning with something easy and working yourselves all the way up to tricky virtual reality tricky escapes meant to challenge you more.

Are you worried or particular about the prices that you will be charged here? There’s no need to worry. Here, prices begin at £16 per individual during off-peak seasons and £18 per person during peak seasons.

However, it is important to be aware that such rates may vary depending on the size and the time that you and your group will spend in the escape room. Their rooms are properly designed to accommodate groups of 2-8 players at ago.

If you reside in Leeds and the surrounding locations and fancy virtual reality games, then The Great Escape Game Leeds is a place that will suit all your needs perfectly. Virtual reality gaming is gaining ground in Leeds and the surrounding locations.

Many centres are offering them, and there is no reason as to why you should miss visiting one of them, The Great Escape Game Leeds being one of them.

To get to this center this is the gateway:

Atlas House, 31 King St, Leeds LS1 2HL, UK

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