Best Mobile App Development Companies in Leeds 2018

It is an undeniable fact that mobile applications have become part of human life. Mobile apps are well known to provide solutions across many sectors such as; banking, e-commerce, health, gaming, instant messaging, social media, taxi and much more.

Landing on the right company to develop a mobile app for you is more likely to lead to success and probability of a million downloads from the app store.

In developing a mobile app, the following are the factors you should consider; past experience, cost, competency of the staff, customer support among others.

We have compiled a list for you that will enable you to land the top mobile app development companies in Leeds in consideration of the above factors and others. The list is not arranged in any order.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Pricing: <25$/hr | Employees: 50–249 | Founded: 2011

Hyperlink InfoSystem is an award-winning IT solutions company centered in the heart of Leeds with satellite offices in New York, India and, Dubai.

The company boasts of a 5star rating on clutch.co, 1200+ previous clients, over 2000 developed apps, and over 25 million apps downloads on App stores.

The company has a reputation for offering the following mobile apps solutions; iPhone app development, phone gap development, wearable app development, Android app development, and others,

Apart from the mobile services, the company also offers the following services; Web and CMS development, mobile games development, Blockchain solutions among other IT services.

Website: https://www.hyperlinkinfosystem.com/



Pricing: <25$/hr | Employees: 10–49 | Founded: 2014

Intelivita is an IT solutions company that has its offices in Leeds and India. Though relatively new in the industry, the company has achieved a lot for the last 5 years.

Mobile app development is their specialty and accounts for 60% of their service. The following are the solutions they offer; iOS app development, Flutter app development, AR App development, VR App development, and cross-platform apps development.

Apart from mobile app development, the company offers the following services; SEO solutions, web development and game development.

Their pricing is within the market range and their expertise is unquestionable. This has seen it close deals with startups and established business in USA, Spain, UK, U.A.E, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand.

Website: https://www.intelivita.co.uk/index.php


Pricing: $100 – $149/hr | Employees: 10 -49 | Founded: 2007

Audacia consulting is a Leeds based IT Solutions Company that has its services adopted in different industries; finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and medical services.

The company is a Microsoft gold partner and it was selected in Goldman Sachs list of 10,000 small businesses.

The company has the reputation for deploying bespoke mobile applications that are developed using standard patterns and practices such as the use of Microsoft Xamarin to ensure quality and consistency.

The company target market is SME and already established business. Therefore, it would be costly for a startup to work with them. However, if you are after quality work, you should consider them.

Besides mobile app development, the company offers the following services; software development, web applications, software consulting, systems integration, and collaborative development.

Website: https://www.audacia.co.uk/


Pricing: $50 – $99/hr | Employees: 10 -49 | Founded: 2012

Pocketworks is a reputable IT solutions company that is known to focus on mobile app development as its core service.

The company offers a wide range of IT services such as; web development, API development, database development, IoT gateways, and others.

Pocketworks prefers development of apps using native apps such as Java, Google Flutter, and swift to reduce frequent bugs. They use Git Flow when deploying apps releases in different environment.

The company is built on solid practice and signing a non-disclosure agreement is part of the requirements that this company commits itself to.

The company adopts a fixed variable pricing model that makes it a win-win for the company and the client. The model allows them to charge only for hours worked. Hardly does the actual budget surpass the estimate.

Website: https://pocketworks.co.uk/

Eden Agency

Pricing: $100 – $149/hr | Employees: 10 -49 | Founded: 2007

A glimpse at Eden Agency website will give you the confidence that this IT company are experts. Success in IT is written all over from prior projects, staff expertise, testimonials, and clutch.co reviews.

The company expertise lies in mobile app development, AI, Virtual reality, web design, digital strategy and consulting.

The company has experienced resources that they rely on for the entire client’s work. No part of clients work is outsourced. The team is skilled in Native iOS development, native Android development, project management, and UX design.

The company services are top notch since they have a high retention rate of clients and their solutions cut across many industries.

Website: https://eden.agency/


Pricing: N/A | Employees: N/A | Founded: 2008

Appware is a dedicated mobile app development company that brags over a decade of expertise in the development of mobile apps.

The company range of mobile apps includes both native apps and bespoke mobile apps. This gives this company a broader scope of clients to work with considering different clients have different requirements.

Their bespoke apps are already prebuilt and customized to work well across different industries such as hotel, taxi and others. This will reduce your costs of ordering the app and quicken the delivery time.

The company specialty is in mobile app development and does nothing beyond that. Therefore, you know you can’t get wrong having them develop an app for you.

Website: https://www.appware.co.uk/


Pricing: N/A | Employees: N/A | Founded: 2011

Tyrell is a mobile app company that has taken over the development of apps and web design by storm. Tyrell is an IT powerhouse known to deploy the following IT solutions; web design, Bluetooth interface, NFC interface, RFID interface, and Apps development for iOS, Android & iPad.

Though not prominent compared to its rivals, the company portfolio previous project completed is enough to convince you they are good at what they do.

The company has scanty information on its website, but one thing for sure is that it has good mobile apps solutions to offer.

Website: https://tyrell.mobi/

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