Updates to room reservations

As most of you know, we currently use EMS (Event Management System) as our room reservation system for Leeds rooms.  We will be migrating to a campus-wide version of EMS on July 10th, 2015. This initiative is coming down from the Chancellor as a result of the flooding in September 2013. At that time, it was discovered that there were 42 separate EMS databases across the Boulder campus, making it nearly impossible to identify where on campus people were gathered in the event of an emergency.

This project will benefit Leeds in many ways: We will now have real-time visibility of all room reservations in the building, including those that are centrally controlled. Although LTS will still provide support for EMS, it will be a common-good service from OIT, which will save Leeds money.

This new database will benefit the whole campus by improving communication while maintaining the same general look and feel. The new system will be completely customizable as to what room reach user group is allowed to view, request, and reserve. Rooms inside Koelbel  will not be visible to users who are not associated with Leeds. The only users will full visibility to all rooms on campus will be police and risk management.

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