Google Image Search…. Wait, what?

Ever find a picture of some beautiful scenery on the internet and can’t figure out where the photo was taken? Or, have you seen a picture of a celebrity but can’t remember their name? Well, you’re not alone. Google has a feature built in to it for searching by image, and it’s really easy to use. Google analyzes the picture for like features in other pictures in its own libraries and returns results to you based on these features.

To use it, simply browse to and click on the “Images” link at the top. Drag and drop images from your computer, or even other webpages onto the search bar, or click the icon of the camera in the search bar… and presto! Don’t believe me? Watch the video below!

If you’re a Chrome user, make searching by image even easier by installing the Google Image search addin for Google’s Chrome browser… Or, get the addin for FireFox. These add-ins will allow you to right-click on an image while browsing and choose “Search Google with this image.”

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