Outstanding Outlook Organization – Part 1

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool, and I think that its functionality and ability to make lives easier is underestimated.  I consistently find new ways to keep my life – not just my emails – organized using Outlook.  So, here’s a new series for you: Outstanding Outlook Organization!

This month, let’s take a look at Calendar Grouping.

Do you have a group of people that you seem to meet with a lot?  Let’s create a Calendar group, so you can easily check their free/busy schedules and blast a meeting request to all of them in much fewer mouse-clicks!

(I am on Office 2013, so my images may look slightly differen than yours.)

1. From your Calendar ‘Home’ tab, click ‘Calendar Groups’ -> Create New Calendar Group.

2. Give the group a name, and click OK.

3. The ‘Select Name: Global Address List’ dialog box will pop-up so that you can search CU’s system for the user’s name/email addresses.

Tip: Select ‘More columns’ at the top so that user’s names show up more easily.

4. Find and select everyone you want to be part of your new group and click ‘OK’.

5. Your new group will be added to your Calendar pane of the left side of your calendars

6. To schedule a meeting with the group, find a free time and then at the top of your ‘Home’ tab, click ‘New Meeting’ -> New Meeting with All

7. It will auto-fill the email addresses for your group members as meeting invitees.  You can complete the remaining details and send it off!

To add more group members, right-click on the group name and select ‘Add Calendar’ -> ‘From Address Book…’

To delete or rename the group, right-click the group name and select the appropriate choice.

To remove users from the group, right-click on their name within the group and select ‘Delete Calendar’.


And, as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email or come by LTS!

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